Your portraits, your pick: Westwood Portrait Location Inspo

Between flowers and tablescapes, where to take pictures of you and your other half – and maybe that bridal party! – on the wedding day may not have made your top five things to think about.  No worries though, Westwood Barns has you (and your photographer!) covered.  Below are just a few of our favorite snaps from our favorite big oaks, just three miles from the Barns…and a few from the bridge by the barns, because we just couldn’t help it.  Thanks to Kelsea Holder for the photos, and Johnny + Katie for the happiness!


Our latest favorites

A few times a year, I round up some of my favorite wedding ideas into a blog post – it’s my way of “planning” another wedding without the details, coordination, or budget necessary to actually have another 🙂  So here’s the latest in what I would do if I had a wedding this year.


  1. SQUARE TABLES.  Yes and amen.
  2. This would be a dream in the hay field.  I even have the stumps to provide you!
  3. I’m really digging this new take on a few years old idea.  Paint that ladder white and it really stands out!
  4. I’ve got all the wood boxes.  Who’s ready to fill them with flowers?
  5. Okay, who has the guts to part from traditional a little and get a blush skirt on your dress?  Amazing!
  6. Guys.  I’m so excited to find my first client for the white barn and this floral drape on the door in my DREAM.  If you want to partner with me for our first white barn wedding, get in touch.  I’m SO excited!

The day it all began

One of my favorite stages in life began the day Daniel put a ring (that I just couldn’t believe was real!) on my left hand.  I was so surprised I laid on the ground immediately after, just trying to catch my breath enough to keep moving!

Now the second thing I say to newly engaged couples – right after congrats! – is, “hey listen, it all gets way more fun after the budget, venue, and guest list”.  Am I right married girls?

Sticker-shock doesn’t even begin to cover how we felt when we began wedding planning.  After rehashing the venues we’d visited for likely the 8th time with my family, Daniel – laughing – said “whatever we’ll just get married in our yard”.  All the stress in my head came to a screeching halt.  After my heart starting beating again, I got that kind of excited that now makes Daniel nervous.

“WHY DON’T WE?!  Don’t say that if you don’t mean it!”  I think my mom knew at that point I was sold, and that Daniel was in for a ride.  Well, so was I.  It’s a good thing we have similar tastes or we might have been divorced before we even got married.

We spent October of 2013 through the morning of March 15 (yes, our wedding date) working our tails off.  The barn had barely been touched since 1940 (or at least that’s what the calendar in the cabinet indicated), and we blew black boogers for months.  Truth.  We had to pour a floor because I just wasn’t country enough to dance on a dirt dance floor.  (Have I mentioned I grew up in Philadelphia suburbs?)

I firmly told Daniel I would not get married in our yard unless he pulled down half the barn wall and turned it into a giant slider door.  He resisted for a while, but man it’s so cool now.  He firmly told me we’d get married in the wheat field – that it would be tall enough by then to be really cool, and that he’d have our whole lawn green for the reception.  I didn’t believe him for a long time – especially when he appeared to get side-tracked building what is now the COOLEST bridge over our canal – but he was right.  I asked him to building a simple arbor for the ceremony, and a few weeks later a forklift pulled into the yard with a giant gazebo built from old wine barrels.

On the morning of March 15, just 30 minutes from the time Daniel was supposed to be ready for our first look, I saw him outside, in full work clothes, STILL working on the yard – now venue.  (I so love that Megan Welker captured even that reality!)  I pulled every blind shut and pretended it wasn’t happening.  Exactly on time, he walked up to the barns, showered, hair done, suit on, ready to go.

And it was the best day ever.

In what we’ve learned is true Daniel and Lauren fashion, we’ve come up with a million ideas since then of how to make the venue even better (although I stand firm that our wedding day was still the best day).  As we screwed in light bulbs and hung drapery and fixed electrical and set up chairs and tables for our most recent wedding, Daniel turned to me and said “I love doing this”.  Hosting is what we do.  Ideas is what we do.  Dreaming and planning is what we do.  And we’d love the opportunity to show you.

Photos by Megan Welker Photography | Coordination by From Ring to Reception | Florals by Sweet Memories Flowers

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